Associated Companies

  • Illawarra Conveyor Services
  • Hallmark Engineering
  • Steel City Engineering


Understanding and managing our environmental impact is fundamental to our long-term business success. We believe that our ability to manage these impacts and to identify opportunities to assist our clients to do the same, will deliver long-term benefits for the eco-systems upon which we all depend.

We are committed to the development of robust environmental management systems and resource efficiency programs that will sustain our natural environment for future generations. 

We apply the precautionary principle in our approach to environmental management. This proactive approach means that even in the absence of evidence that environmental degradation is occurring, or will occur, we take action to mitigate the possibility of any adverse events.

 Our key environmental goals are to:

  • Cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity

  • Minimise waste generation and maximise materials recycling

  • Explore efforts to reduce energy, water and materials usage.

  • Zero Carbon Emissions


Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd plays an active role in the community in which we operate, regularly sponsoring local community groups and donating to more worthy causes.