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Materials Management System

The Materials Management System (MMS) is a system conceived and patented by Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd. The Patent guarding the design is No. 729364.

The purpose of the system is to provide clear, unrestricted access to the maingate, whilst offering a highly practical and safe means of removing structure and monorail components from the face. Spares and maintenance items may also be transferred to the maingate from the cut-through.

The system may consist of:

  • Additional Monorail Beam and Suspension Assemblies

  • Inbye Support Trolleys

  • Materials Management Beams & Suspension Assemblies

  • Trailing Trolleys

  • Flexible Air Hose

  • Traction Unit

  • Air Hoist Assembly

  • Materials Cassettes

  • Primary Hosing

  • Fire Depot

Materials Management System Information Sheet

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