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Development Monorail Systems

The Development Monorail system has proven to assist in the increase of advancement rates within development roadway headings. Our system greatly reduces the risk of personal injury and equipment wear and damage.

Ventilation improvements have also been recognized.

By eliminating the manual handling of the cumbersome vent tubes and ancillary services (including cables, hoses, pumps, firefighting, stone dusting, fans, gate end boxes and similar), production efficiencies and operator safety are significantly improved.

The autonomous drive system reduces the need for diesel equipment. Miner flitting times are significantly reduced, which results in greater face cutting time. Face services are no longer handled during this process.

Fan and gate end boxes are trammed inbye efficiently, without the aid of diesel equipment. No cable and hose work is required. The outbye services system extends from the transformer cut-through, incorporating all hoses and cables.

System Benefits


  • Improved development productivity

  • Reduced manual handling

  • Improved section support process requirements

  • Eliminates potential Longwall outage due to lack of continuity or shortened blocks


  • Reduced injuries via manual handling

  • Reduced injuries through section congestion

  • Improved general section standards and subsequent improvement in morale

  • Improved ventilation due to dedicated vent lines


  • Improved productivity at face and support process

  • Redeployment of section personnel for unrelated requirements e.g. road cleaning

  • Safety-related savings

  • Reduction in  materials repair/replacement

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