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Longwall Monorail System

The Longwall Monorail System offers a safe and highly efficient means of managing the services required to operate the Longwall face. All cables and hoses are suspended from a roof mounted monorail beam which provides a series of support trolleys with the ability to compress as the Longwall face retreats.

Upon full compression a power move takes place.

Air or Emulsion powered traction drive units are used to perform the power move, eliminating the need for ancillary equipment.


  • Eliminates personal injury attributed to manhandling heavy cables and hoses.

  • Substantially reduces down-time and loss of production as a result of equipment damage.

  • Reduces the risk of injury resulting from an impeded walkway area. All componentry is off the mine floor.

  • Eliminates the need for large diesel and/or battery equipment, winch-ropes or similar within the work area as the system is fully integrated.

  • The self-sufficient nature of the system reduces the downtime during a power move; the time taken to relocate services is minimal.

  • Modular design integrated with transportation sleds facilitates a highly efficient and damage free means of installation and end of panel relocations.

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