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Contract Manufacturing and Machining



Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd has a state-of-art workshop facility, and is able to fabricate steel products to the client’s specifications, from a single customised item to multiple bulk orders. Our experienced staff are able to assist in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance as required.


Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd.’s machine shop specialises in turnkey finished products and services.

 Our facilities feature technologically advanced machining equipment and a team of highly skilled and qualified personnel enabling us to supply superior service and products tailored to customer specifications and requirements.

 Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd.’s machining capabilities include:



Machining & Drilling capabilities for Bissaloy 400




Milling Machines- Vertical & Horizontal

Beamline Steel Section Processing (300mmx300mm)<

Cad/Cam Profile Plasma/Oxy Cutting- auto drilling/tapping turret (14m x 3.4m x 100mm)

Cad/Cam Design & Drafting

Robotic Welding <

CNC Brake Plate Pressing

Section Pressing

G.M.A Welding

Plasma Welding

T.I.G Welding

Spot Welding

Sandblasting & Surface coating

Macquarie Manufacturing Pty Ltd.’s machine shop has the capacity to provide a full package solution for any job, big or small, from design, to fabrication, right through to maintenance and support.

We are committed and focused in continuing to provide the highest quality products and services to schedule and specification.